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How much does E-file cost? offers three prices tiers depending upon the software that best fits your specific needs:

  • Free Federal Software, $0 - Single or joint filers who are filing basic, straightforward tax returns
  • Deluxe Software, $27.99 - For those filing with dependents/those who want to deduct mortgage interest or claim retirement income.
  • Premium Software, $49.99 - For those who are filing complex tax returns for personal or business income.


How do I file my tax return for free at

We offer free federal filing for those who qualify for our basic software. To qualify, you need to meet specific criteria such as:

  • Your taxable income is less than $100,000, your filing status is single or, if you're married, you're going to be filing jointly with your spouse and you don't have any dependents to claim.
  • The income you're filing taxes for are only from wages, salaries, tips, unemployment compensation, taxable scholarships, fellowship grants and your taxable interest didn't exceed $1,500.
  • You're not going to claim any income adjustments such as a tax deferred 401K or IRA.

Is E-filing safe?

More than a million tax filers have trusted with their returns, and we protect our users' data and privacy. does not sell your information to third parties.

Around 90 percent of all Americans file their taxes online. In 2017, Inc. Magazine featured as one the top 100 fastest growing privately held companies in America. Technological advances in online safety and security have made e-filing a more popular option than paper-based filing.


How long does it take to file?

Once you create an account, it can take less than 15 minutes to file your free return. More complex tax returns will likely take longer, but E-file makes the process so efficient that filers can accomplish, in short amounts of time, what used to take hours. Regardless of whether your tax return is simple, complex, or somewhere in between, you can take as much time as you need, working at your own pace, saving and returning to your return at any time so you don't have to complete it in a single session.


How does it work if I want to also file my state taxes?

You can file your federal and state taxes at the same time (if you live in a state that levies an income tax). If you choose to include state taxes, regardless of what level of software you use to file your federal taxes, the cost is only $22.49 when you apply the coupon code, 25OFF.




How do I select the software I want?

Once you complete your tax return at E-file's online system, you'll be prompted to enter payment information, provided you've upgraded from Free Federal filing. We deliberately designed our system this way to put the control in your hands so you can feel confident about moving forward.

In other words, you could walk yourself through every step of your tax return and then — should you change your mind about filing — you wouldn't be out a single penny.


Popular Questions

Popular Questions

Popular Questions

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The term "e-file" in relation to tax filing simply means to transmit your tax return electronically rather than mailing in paper forms. E-filing includes several benefits, such as confirmation of receipt, faster refund and safer transmission. The IRS will typically provide the taxpayer or software provider with confirmation once the return has been accepted (usually this happens within a day or two). If you qualify for a tax refund, you can receive it comparatively much quicker than by using a paper filing. There also tend to be fewer errors that may delay your refund. can help you to prepare your tax return and e-file it to the IRS and applicable states.

Since 2014, we have provided affordable online tax preparation software that is up to half the cost of what other tax preparers charge. Unlike other software providers who resell their customer information to advertisers, does not sell any of its customer information to third parties. Our goal is to provide an affordable product without sacrificing a customer's privacy to do so and as a result, over a million U.S. taxpayers have trusted our software to help prepare their tax filing. In 2017, was honored as the #79th fastest growing private company in America by Inc. magazine.

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