Important Tax Filing Dates & Deadlines

There are several important tax filing dates for taxes that you don't want to ignore. To start, on January 15, if you are not paying your income taxes through withholding or you are making payments in addition to withholding, you will want to make your fourth estimated tax payment for the prior year.

The other tax deadlines for estimated payments are April 15th, June 15th and September 15th. Note - If you file your tax return and pay all taxes due by February 2nd, the fourth payment is not necessary.

Early Filing Benefits

On February 2nd, income statements are also due from your employer's, contractors and financial institutions. This includes, W-2s and 1099s.

Next, on February 17th, if you have been exempt from income tax withholding, a new W-4 form must be filed if you want to continue the exemption for next tax year.

By March 15th, K-1 documents are to be delivered to shareholders of privately held companies and partnerships.

Most taxpayers know that on April 15th, returns are due. It is also the final date to file a 4868-filing extension (for help with this visit this page), which will give you a six-month extension to file your return. Besides these due dates, it is also the final date to make a prior year contribution to a personal retirement fund.

October 1st is the last day for establishing a same calendar year Simple IRA or 401K plan for a business.

October 15th is the final date to file if the taxpayer received an extension.

Everyone gets busy but making note of these may help you to not forget an important filing date this season.

Quiz Yourself on Filing Dates and Deadlines

April 15th. It's a date that most taxpaying Americans know. For those who haven't submitted their tax return, the weeks leading up to April 15 are crunch time. But sometimes the tax deadline isn't so straightforward and, for some of us, there are other deadlines to be aware of. Take this quiz to test your knowledge of the tax filing dates and deadlines.

The tax deadline is April 15th, unless the 15th falls on a what? Answer

A. A weekend
B. A holiday
C. Either a weekend or holiday
D. None of the above, it is always April 15th

C. When falling on a weekend or holiday, the tax deadline is moved to the next business day. This can result in the filing deadline being the 16th, 17th or even 18th in some years.

What is the deadline for filing your return if you have requested an extension? Answer

A. May 15
B. August 15
C. October 15
D. December 15

C. For those who file a request for an extension, the deadline to file their return is October 15, or the next business day when falling on a weekend or holiday.

When should estimated tax payments be made? Answer

A. Monthly
B. Quarterly
C. Semi-annually
D. Annually

B. Estimated tax payments are paid quarterly in April, June, September, and January. Estimated payments should be sent with a IRS form 1040ES.

When are partnership returns due? Answer

A. March 15
B. April 15
C. May 15
D. August 15

A. Partnership returns that are filed with a form 1065 are due March 15. When an extension is filled and accepted the deadline for these moves to September 15.

A trustee of an estate or trust needs to file a trust and estate income tax return to report what? Answer

A. The income that is accumulated for future distribution to the beneficiaries
B. Any income tax liability of the trust
C. Employment taxes on any wages paid out to household employees
D. All of the above

D. An estate trustee must file a Form 1041 by April 15 to report the income, gains and losses, and deductions of the estate or trust. He or she should also report the income that is accumulated or held by the trust, any income tax liability of the trust, and any wages paid out to employees of the trust.

When are S-Corporation income tax returns due? Answer

A. March 15
B. April 15
C. May 15
D. September 15

A. March 15th. While C-Corporation income tax returns are due in April, S-Corporation income tax returns are due in March.

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