Learn More About Filing Your Taxes at E-file.com

E-file provides online tax preparation software to electroniclly file both federal and state taxes. Our software simplifies your filing process by providing easy to answer questions and providing steps that are easy to follow.

We encourage users to take as long as comfortably needed to file their taxes. As such, our online tax software allows you to save where you left off so you can easily sign back in and start where you left off. Never worry about having to re-enter your information.

Besides offering software for filing federal and state taxes, we also provide software to assist with filing an extension, should you need one.

As the E-file.com name might indicate, our company specializes in e-filing tax returns. This is one of those great benefits the Internet affords us. If you have never filed your tax return electronically before, here are a few reasons why you should consider it:

  1. It is the fastest way you can file your return. When you compare filling the paper forms out by hand and mailing them in by the mailbox or post office, only to wait for them to be processed, you will love how quickly and easy filing online can be.
  2. Electronically filing your taxes is very convenient as well. You can do it around your own schedule right from the comfort of your home. You don't have to visit the post office or library to round up the proper forms nor do you need to visit the post office to obtain a postmark for completed return. E-filing taxes provides you confirmation that a return has been submitted as well as when it is accepted.
  3. Many now consider it safer than using a mailbox to send a paper return.
  4. On average, it's more accurate than manually filling out the forms. It has been reported that returns filled out electronically contain less than 1% of errors compared with the standard rate of 20% in paper forms.
  5. If you have a tax refund coming to you, it is much quicker. If you select to be paid via direct deposit into your checking account you can receive your return in as little as 8 days. You can even pay for your software purchase out of your refund, if you choose.
  6. With this you will usually receive a confirmation that the IRS has received your return within 24 hours.
  7. Using less paper with pre-printed forms is the "green" way to go and means more savings for the government and for our environment.

Filing taxes online is becoming a more routine practice for many. The IRS itself has stated it prefers the practice over the traditional paper forms and mailing procedure.  Over two out of three returns are now successfully filed online.

No one would argue that filing taxes isn't stressful and painstaking, but e-filing may make it a little easier and less time-consuming. So if you haven't tried it before, consider it this tax season.