How to Save up to 50% on Your Taxes

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When it comes to online tax software programs, there may not be many differences in the software itself. After all, the US tax code is the same regardless of the software a taxpayer uses to file their return. With that said, one thing that is certainly different is what tax software companies charge their customers. 

Some companies will charge well over $100 for software to prepare and file a federal and state tax return. Other companies, such as, charge as much as 50% less depending upon the software you need. With such a large possible price difference, it only makes sense to compare prices before deciding on tax software. It is important to note, that while the software version (e.g. Free Federal Edition, Deluxe Edition and Premium Edition) for various providers may have the same name, the criteria for who may use the version (and features contained within) can differ.

So, why are some software programs much more expensive than others? Well, there may not be a single answer for the difference in price, but it may have something to do with the software's origin. You see, many programs begin as out of the box software, and there are a lot of costs associated with the production and distribution of CD-based software. Think about the resources needed to produce and package the CD's, all the cardboard for packaging and plastic for shrink wrap, plus the fuel for delivery as well as the cost to produce all promotional materials. A lot goes into out-of-the box software. Programs which are entirely online (i.e. cloud-based) and do not have these associated materials costs can pass the cost savings on to their customers.

You can see how some of the more popular programs compare here:


H&R Block®*

Basic Software





Deluxe Software

$20.99 $27.99
with coupon code 25OFF




Premium Software
("Premier" Edition for TurboTax® & TaxAct®)
$37.49 $49.99
with coupon code 25OFF




State Filing Fee

$22.49 $29.99
with coupon code 25OFF




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While pricing may not be all that matters when you select an online tax software program, it is certainly nice to save as much as possible and charges less than most competitors.

*Prices used in this comparison are based on information retrieved from®,® and® as of 2/17/2021. Prices are subject to change.