How to Submit a Support Request

When you need assistance with your tax filing, issuing a support ticket is the fastest way to receive assistance from one of our support specialists. To submit a support ticket, please follow the simple steps below.

Please note, when submitting a support ticket make sure to monitor your promotions/spam folder as email clients may sometimes mistakenly sort these emails here. If you do find an email has gone to one of these folders, please make sure to click "send to inbox" or "not spam".

Step 1: Login to your account at


Step 2: Once logged in click the "Help" button in the top right corner of the page.


Step 3: Enter a brief question and click the "Search" button. A list of articles pertaining to your question will appear.


Step 4: If you do not see the answer in one of our help articles, at the bottom of the help window, click the "Click here" link to issue a support ticket.


Step 5: Enter your message and click the "Submit" button to send it and open up a support ticket.



Q&A: How long does it take to get your tax refund if you file electronically?

Filing your taxes electronically can help you to get your refund much quicker than filing a paper tax return. While the IRS doesn't guarantee a specific timeframe, in most cases you will receive your refund within three weeks of submitting electronically. Compared to the six to eight weeks it often takes to receive your refund when filing a paper return, this is a much faster process. To achieve the fastest turnaround time possible make sure to request your refund through direct deposit.