How to Avoid Mistakes When Filing at the Last Minute

Many people put off filing their taxes until the last minute. Filing in a rush can result in mistakes that could delay your tax return, cause interest to accrue on taxes left owed, or trigger an audit. Here are some tips to help you get your tax return in on time and error free.

Use tax preparation software
Tax preparation software is the easiest and fastest way to get your tax return completed and filed by the deadline. Software, like that which is provided on, handles all the calculations and also helps to identify deductions and credits which you may be eligible for. If you used our software previously, and none of your information has changed, we can also prefill your personal information. When preparing tax documents in a hurry, it's easy to make mistakes when entering information such as mailing address, social security number, or prior year adjusted gross income, which can cause issues with your return.

Always sign your tax return
Tax returns are invalid without signatures. No matter if you're mailing a paper form or electronically filling, don't forget to sign your tax return.'s tax software walks you through the process of adding your electronic signature to your tax documents.

Report all of your income. If you're employed but earned additional income on the side, don't forget to report income for which you received a 1099. Even if you do not include this, the IRS still has the information, and failing to report income can trigger an audit. Keep your W-2s and 1099s together so you can access them quickly when filing at the last minute.

Double check your bank numbers
The IRS makes it easy for you to get your tax refund by sending the money to your bank by direct deposit. Take a moment to confirm that you've entered the correct bank account and routing number on your tax form. If you enter incorrect numbers, the IRS will mail your refund to your address of record, which could take extra time. If the banking information you enter mistakenly turns out to be someone else's, that person could end up with your refund.

File for extension
Failing to file by the tax deadline can be a costly mistake, but it's easy enough to avoid. If you think you won't make the tax filing deadline, file an extension. This gives you six additional months to submit your return. Note, if you don't file and you owe, the IRS can start adding interest to the total, which can add up to a significant amount over time.