IRS Emails 'Tax Calendar Reminders' Via RSS Feeds To Small Businesses

With tax regulations at both the state and federal levels, small businesses may find it difficult to keep up with dates and deadlines. Fortunately, small businesses and the self-employed can use the RSS feed provided by the IRS to help build a tax calendar and hopefully never miss a deadline.

Free IRS Calendar Program: Tailored To Your Priorities

By subscribing to the Calendar Program, businesses and those who are self-employed can input information specific to their business — such as their state sales tax and unemployment insurance deadlines. From this, the calendar will automatically update based on the user's entered priorities.

Calendars are particularly useful for businesses and the self-employed who pay estimated quarterly taxes. The calendar features reminders before March, June, September, December deadlines tied to suggested estimated amounts with links to Forms 1120, 1120A, and 1120S extension requests.

The IRS Calendar is available in these formats:

A Little Pain For A Lot Of Gain
It may be tedious to fill a calendar with somber tax-related dates, but for small businesses and those who are self-employed, a calendar plotting timelines and deadlines is an essential key to a successful tax-planning strategy that saves money.

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