Why You Should E-file Your Taxes

Most of the time, e-filing means you get your tax refund faster than filing a paper return. You don't have to wait for the IRS to receive your paper return. Instead, your return reaches the IRS almost as soon as you approve us to transmit it. If you choose direct deposit, you’ll also get paid sooner.

If for some reason your return is rejected you’ll be notified quicker, so you can fix the mistakes and re-transmit your corrected return.

Even the process of filling out your tax return can be quicker because our software guides you through each step with easy-to-answer questions. Then it takes care of the math for you allowing you to complete your return quicker and easier.

Within 48 hours, the IRS will typically confirm that they have received an e-filed tax return. This confirmation is made available within your account.

Accuracy and Ease
Having an error or miscalculation on your tax return can prolong the time it takes for a refund to be processed. Fortunately, our tax software can help you to avoid mistakes by making the calculations and doing all the math for you. Our software guides you through every section of your return and gives you the opportunity to return to different sections if necessary.

We also walk users through parts of the Affordable Care Act that require tax reporting, such as whether you had health insurance during the previous year (more here).

Flexibility and Convenience
With our software you can pay your tax bill directly from your bank account alleviating the hassle of mailing a check or a money order. However, those who wish to mail a check or money order can still do so, even when e-filing their return. In other words you are free to choose the payment option that is best for you.

The IRS has now safely processed over a billion tax returns. Eventually it may be the only way in which taxpayers are permitted to file.