E-file.com Preparation Software

When W-2s and 1099s begin arriving in mailboxes you know it must be tax season. As with the tax documents themselves, even these forms can sometimes be tricky to understand. Perhaps this is why some people frustratingly hire a tax preparer to file their return. Unfortunately, these preparers often charge exorbitant fees and can be unaccommodating to your schedule.

Instead of overpaying or stressing about completing your taxes this year, give our preparation software a chance to assist you with filing your return. Using our software program is almost like having a preparer in your computer, but for a lot less money.

How Our Program Works

No longer do you need to be computer savvy to file your taxes online. Anyone can do it and do it fairly easily. Our tax software has helped to make it easier for anyone to file their income taxes. It is designed as a guide to help get you through the entire process, meanwhile also saving you money. 

The tax payer should be the one in control of how and when they file their return. No more waiting in cramped preparer offices or rushing to the post office every tax deadline. We help to make the dreaded tax season as stress-free and affordable as possible.

We start by simplifying much of the IRS jargon into easy to answer questions in plain english. With your answers, we will complete all of the required government and state forms with the necessary information.

We also respond to the answers you provide us. As you enter your information we will consider what other possible questions should be answered in order to accurately file your return and maximize your refund. As you file we will display a running total of your anticipated refunds or payment due. Our easy-to-understand step-by-step instructions help to make us one of the most user-friendly products on the market.

If at any time during your filing you have a question, we are here to help. You can either visit our help files created from commonly asked questions we have received or contact us via our web form or e-mail. We have customer support professionals on stand-by to help every filer as quickly as possible.

We don't want anyone using our software to worry about miscalculations, we do all the calculating for you and they are guaranteed accurate. We even check your return for common errors before submitting it. Best of all, we are official e-filers and your information is completely protected while electronically being sent to your state and the IRS.

Depending on your tax situation you may even be able to take advantage of our software completely free of charge.

Our program helps users to file accurately meanwhile identify the correct deductions to help save you money. Using us to file your return will not only save money, but also time. Based on the answers you give us we will determine which are the right forms to complete and include them with your return. Our goal is to make your preparation not only simple, but 100% accurate and as stress-free as possible.

Instead of stressing over the cost or wait involved with using a tax preparer, consider giving us a try. The software is quick, easy to use, and completely reliable. Filing your income taxes may seem like a complicated process, but with the use of the right software program, it can be easier, less time consuming and more affordable than you may think.