E-file Alabama Taxes & Get Your Tax Refund Fast

Alabama requires people who have lived or worked in the state for a full year and earned incomes that are above the stipulated amounts for their filing statuses to file state income tax returns. People who are single and have earned over $4000 must file if they have lived in the state for a full year. Likewise, a person filing Married Filing Separately will be required to file Alabama taxes if he or she has lived there a full year and earned $5400 or more that year.

Alabama residents filing Head of Household must file if they earned incomes of $7700 or more. People filing as Married Filing Jointly must have earned $10,500 that year and lived in Alabama for a full year. Non-residents must file Alabama taxes if their incomes fall at or above the allowable prorated personal exemption amount. Residents who are self-employed must file a state income tax return regardless of their filing status or incomes.

Alabama Tax Rates

The rate that the state taxes a person's income can vary according to income and tax filing status. For example, single people and people filing as HOH, as well as married couples filing separately will be taxed at a rate of 2% for the first $500 of taxable income and then 4% for the next $2500 and 5% for all taxable income over $3000. Couples filing jointly will be taxed at 2% for the first $1000 of taxable income, 4% for the next $5000 of taxable income, and 5% for all remaining taxable income over $6000.

When to File Taxes

Taxpayers in the state can file their returns between January 1 and April 15 of the tax year. If people are unable to file on or before April 15, they will automatically be granted an extension until October 15. The state will not grant a tax extension longer than six months, however. People who do not file by October 15 of each year will be considered delinquent in filing their state income taxes. Alabama's delinquent or late-filing penalty is equal to 10% of the tax due or $50, whichever is greater. The $50 late-filing penalty applies even if there is no tax due for the tax period.

Amended Tax Returns

People who must file an amended return are required to fill out and submit the state form 40X. The 40X forms must be mailed to:

Alabama Department of Revenue

P. O. Box 327464

Montgomery, AL 36132-7464

How to Pay Alabama Taxes

Taxpayers can pay their balances owed to the state online through the Department of Revenue site at https://myalabamataxes.alabama.gov. They can also mail in payments, along with the required Form 40V to the Department of Revenue.

For individuals and Corporations making more than a certain amount of money in any tax year, the state provides a tax coupon booklet for making estimated payments. Estimated taxes must be sent on the schedule instructed by Form 40ES (April 15, June 15, September 15 and January 15.)

Checking Your Alabama Tax Return

People who are owed refunds can check the status of their refunds online through the Alabama Department of Revenue's website. Refunds are processed within six weeks.

Bordering States

Four states border Alabama. Tennessee is located to the north, Georgia the east, Florida (no state income tax) is situated to the south and Mississippi the west. Residents whom work in one of these states but residing in Alabama may be responsible to file a tax return with the state they work in.

Note: States & U.S. territories may make changes to their tax laws with little notice. We do our best to keep this information up-to-date, but it is provided on an "AS IS" basis. For more see our terms.