File Idaho Taxes & Get Your Idaho Tax Refund Faster

Idaho requires that all native residents, as well as residents who derive income from in-state sources and live in the state part of the year file Idaho income tax returns. People who are not residents must still pay income taxes in the state if they receive income within the state. There is a graduated tax rate, meaning that people who earn higher incomes pay higher tax rates. The rates for taxation range from 1.6 to 7.4%.

An Amended Idaho Tax Return

To file an amended return, people must fill out and send in a completed Form 40X to the state, or a Form 43X if they are non-residents. They must file an amended return if they failed to claim income or wrongfully claimed exemptions. They likewise can file an amended return if they are entitled to exemptions, yet neglected to claim them on the initial return. People who filed an IRS 1040X federal amended return also must file an amended Idaho state return and send in a copy of the 1040X, as well as any W-2 or 1099 forms. People who owe balances are encouraged to remit payment online or send in a check with their completed Idaho income tax returns.

Minimum Income Requirements to File Idaho Taxes

Further, people's incomes must meet minimal requirements before they are required to file. A single person under age 65 must file if he or she has earned $10,150 per year. A person 65 or older must have earned $11,700 before filing. Married couples under 65 filing jointly must have earned $20,300 while couples who are both older than 65 must have earned 22,700. If just one person in the couple is 65 or older, the income limit falls to $21,500.

Married couples filing separately, regardless of age, are required to file when their incomes hit $3390 per year or higher. Head of Household filers must file Idaho taxes if they are younger than 65 and make at least $13,050. HOH filers 65 and older must earn $14,600 to file. Widowers and widows 65 and older are required to file if they earn $17,500 while widows and widowers younger than 65 must file if their incomes are $16,350 or more per year. Partial-year and non-resident earners are required to submit a state income tax return if they have earned $2500 or more from sources inside the state.

Idaho does not require estimated tax payments for individuals, however those who wish to make payments in advance of future tax debt may do so.

Where's my Idaho tax refund?

To check the status of a refund, a taxpayer can go to: and scroll to the bottom of the page and click a convenient yellow button entitled: Where's my refund?

Penalty and Interest Estimator

The State Tax Commission has produced a tool for estimating on their website which can help individuals calculate penalties and interest for a variety of taxes, it is located here.

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