File Minnesota Taxes & Get Your Tax Refund Faster

Minnesota income taxes are based on a graduated system of four levels: 5.35%, 7.05%, 7.85%, and 9.85%. These tax brackets are recalculated every year to match inflation.

The state generated $9.66 billion in income tax revenues in a recent fiscal year. These are higher than most states, which tend to rely more on property and sales taxes.

All individuals who lived in the state for the entire year and are required to file a IRS tax return must also file a state tax return. Partial-year and nonresidents must file a Minnesota tax return if their gross income earned from sources in the state is more than the minimum filing requirement. For single filers, the minimum is $10,150 for those under age 65 and $11,700 for those over 65. The minimum for married joint filers is $20,300 for couples under 65, $21,500, when one spouse is over 65, and $22,700 when both spouses are over 65.

Partial-year residents are defined as individuals who moved to or from Minnesota during the tax year; or those who spent at least 183 days in the state and rent, own, or occupy a residence suitable for year-round use. Nonresidents are permanent residents of another state; or those who spent less than 183 days in the state.

Residents who have income that's not subject to withholdings, such as self-employment earnings, rent, or alimony, have to pay estimated tax either quarterly or through a single payment. These payments can be made through the e-Services Payment System. Filers who wish to send a check must create a voucher through the same online system before mailing their return to the department.

Once you file Minnesota taxes, you can track its status via the e-Services Payment System on the Department of Revenue website.

Those who miss the April 15 deadline have until Oct. 15 before having to pay a filing penalty, which is 5% of unpaid taxes. The tax extension is only for filing. Residents will be charged a 3% annual interest rate for all unpaid taxes after April 15 as well as a late fee of 4% of unpaid taxes.

Penalties and interest may be assessed for Individual Income Tax when taxpayers are not able to meet the proper deadlines to pay their annual taxes or fail to report all taxable income as well as for errors made on their returns. Interest is assessed at 3% of the unpaid tax (rate is adjusted yearly) plus penalty until the tax is paid. The Late Payment Penalty is 4% of the unpaid tax within 180 days of the due date, after which an additional 5% penalty applies to any unpaid tax.

Correcting a Mistake on a MN Tax Return with The M1X Form

Mistakes on state tax returns can be corrected by filing an M1X amended tax form. To claim a refund, one must file this form within three and half years of the original due date.

If the IRS changes or audits your federal return, you must notify the Department of Revenue by mailing in an M1X form within 180 days.

Note: States & U.S. territories may make changes to their tax laws with little notice. We do our best to keep this information up-to-date, but it is provided on an "AS IS" basis. For more see our terms.