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If you're a public school teacher, simply complete the information below & receive a voucher to file your tax return on completely free of charge.



Our goal is to give something back to the educators who give so much

Public school teachers can now request a voucher for free software to prepare and file their tax return. To request your voucher simply complete the form above and will email you a voucher code to be entered prior to checkout.

Public School Teachers Serve a Critical Role in the Development of our Youth

Family aside, few adults are more impactful in the direction of a child's life than their teachers. By the time the average student graduates high school, they’Video spent more than 10,000 hours in the school system in front dozens of educators. It’s a huge undertaking for the teachers themselves, who often work with students both on and off the clock.

For many public school teachers, their job goes far beyond working with a supplied curriculum. Educators are often expected to provide classroom supplies out of their own budgets. Without such sacrifices, some students may be left without critical supplies. Beyond the scope of social studies or language arts, teachers are foundational in developing the ethical and moral compasses of our students.

We rely on public school teachers to provide education to the children we love and wants to say thank you by providing free tax software to all Pre-K through Grade 12 public school educators.

*Please note, this offer is limited to the first 10,000 participants Can Help You to Receive Your Refund Faster

Top Frequently Asked Questions

Faster & Easier Than Paper Filing

E-filing online is the fastest way to transmit your return to the IRS. It can also help you to receive your refund much quicker than printing and mailing your forms.

When can I file? provides you the opportunity to prepare your return prior to when the IRS starts accepting transmissions. We will simply queue your return and as soon as the IRS begins accepting electronic transmissions, it will get e-filed.

How long will it take to receive my refund?

It typically takes 21 days or less from the time which your return is accepted by the IRS.