No Time To File Taxes? Here’s What To Do

Hey, got a few spare hours to spend doing something you have absolutely no desire to do? Oh yeah – also, it’s mandatory, has a strict deadline, and you can get in major legal and financial trouble if you do it wrong?

We didn’t think so.

Filing your taxes is definitely one of the least fun things on your to-do list – but that’s far from the only reason why procrastinating is so common. You’re busy! You have a job, a social life, and countless commitments to keep –  how are you supposed to find hours and hours to spend telling Uncle Sam all about your finances?

Of course, you have options, but most aren’t very appealing.

If you go it alone, you’ll have to invest some time in figuring out which forms you’ll need…what exactly each section is asking you for…crunching the numbers and filling out paperwork…all the while cross-referencing the instruction booklet and crossing your fingers that you’re not making any mistakes. And if you find yourself in the unenviable position of needing to call the IRS about something, be prepared to sit on hold for much, much longer than any other call center you’ve ever dealt with.

Hours, maybe even days, of fun, right?

If you decide to pay a professional tax return preparer to handle your taxes, it’s not much better. You may not have to devote time to figuring it all out, but you’ll still need to make an appointment and set aside a significant chunk of time to go over your finances with the tax professional – and as unfortunate as it is, it’s not uncommon to hear stories of ignorant or even unscrupulous CPAs getting their clients’ taxes wrong – and their clients feeling the wrath of the IRS as a result.

So what’s a busy guy or gal to do?

Luckily, there is another option – and it’s one that can actually fit into your hectic schedule.

Filing your taxes online with E-file.

At E-file, we understand that you don’t have huge gaps in your schedule that you’re just dying to fill by doing your taxes. And we know that you want to make sure your taxes are done right.  So we help you fit your taxes into your schedule in 3 ways:

  • 15-Minute Filing Depending on your tax situation, filing your taxes with E-file can take as little as 15 minutes. Yep, you read that right – 15 minutes. Our software guides you through the entire process quickly by asking you easy-to-understand questions and then filling the forms out for you based on your answers.
  • Stop and Start Account AccessIf your taxes do require more time to complete, we’ve got you covered as well, with 24/7 stop and start account access. You may not have a 3-4 hour chunk of time readily available to do your taxes – but you probably have 15 minutes here, and 30 minutes there. Start your taxes in a free minute at work, do a little more that evening before bed, and then finish them up on the weekend – we’ll save your progress and help you pick up where you left off each time.
  • Quick Expert Help If you have questions about how the software works or what information goes where, just send a support ticket to one of our tax experts, and get on with your life. We’ll be in touch with your answer as soon as possible, so you can feel confident about your taxes.

So while filing your taxes won’t be the most exciting thing you do this tax season, if you file with E-file, you’ll be able to get your taxes done right, on your schedule. Start your taxes on E-file today.