States Where the IRS Has Extended the Tax Deadline

For most of the United States the 2023 tax filing deadline is April 15th, 2024. There are, however, a few areas of the country where the IRS is providing more time to due severe weather felt in those areas. The following is a list of the states/areas where the IRS has extended the filing deadline:

Massachusetts & Maine Extended to April 17th (more,2024%20federal%20income%20tax%20return.)

Storm victims in Maine. Extended to June 17th ( more

Storm victims in Tennessee. Extended to June 17th ( more

Mudslide victims in Alaska. Extended to July 15 (more

Storm victims in Rhode Island & Connecticut. Extended to June 17th ( more

Storm victims in San Diego County, California. Extended to June 17 (more

Victims of Hawaii wildfires. Extended to Aug. 7th (more

Severe storms and tornado Victims in parts of Michigan (more

Victims of West Virginia storms, landslides and flooding (more

Now, if you do not reside in one of these areas and need additional time to file you can request a tax extension with a form 4868. Tax extensions provide taxpayers with an additional six months to file their taxes, making the filing deadline this year October 15th. offers software to help prepare and transmit this form.

With every extension purchase on, we include our 1040 tax return software at no additional charge. This allows users who file an extension to come back anytime between April 16th and October 15th to file their tax return at no cost. This is a savings of up to eighty dollars.

For more information on preparing a federal tax extension, please visit –