What’s Your Tax Time Personality? A Quiz

Are you the type who puts off filing your taxes till the absolute last minute, and then pulls a coffee-fueled all-nighter frantically pawing through piles of paperwork and filling in forms till your eyes are crossed?

Maybe you’re the type who files away all your tax records neatly all year long, and drops them off at a tax professional’s office the minute your W-2 arrives.

Or maybe you’re somewhere in the middle, procrastinating for a while but then getting down to business and knocking out those taxes online.

Infographic on Tax Time Personalities

Infographic on Tax Personalities

If you’re not sure what your tax personality type is, not to worry! We’ve put together this little quiz to help you out. And who knows? Once you know what your natural inclinations are, maybe it’ll help you overcome procrastination, keep better records – or even get a bigger refund next year.

1. When tax season rolls around, the thought of filing gives you:

  1. A stomachache. You hate doing your taxes.
  2. A sense of excitement! It’s refund time again!
  3. A sense of calm. You’re prepared.
  4. A panic attack. What? Tax season? Already?

2. When you think of taxes, you picture:

  1. Confusing forms and booklets
  2. The vacation you’ll be taking with your refund
  3. Neatly filed receipts
  4. A giant clock counting down to D-Day

3. Last year, you filed your taxes:

  1. Using paper forms
  2. Electronically online
  3. Through an accountant
  4. By putting it off till the last minute and then begging your mom to do them.

4. You keep your tax and financial information:

  1. Jammed in a shoebox in your closet, and hope you’ve kept everything you need
  2. Scanned or emailed, and saved on your computer
  3. Filed neatly by record type in a filing cabinet
  4. You don’t.

5. When it comes to deductions and credits, you:

  1. Cross your fingers that you’re taking the right ones, after checking the instruction booklet a few times and digging through your shoebox.
  2.  Confidently take every single one you qualify for.
  3. Leave it all up to your accountant.
  4.  What’s a deduction again?

Alright, time to tally your results!

If you chose mostly A’s, you’re an old-school tax type. You probably procrastinate as long as you can, because you hate the hassle and uncertainty of doing your taxes so much.

If you chose mostly B’s, congrats! You’re thoroughly modern and make the best use of technology to get your taxes done quickly and painlessly – and get the biggest refund you can.

If you chose mostly C’s, you’re super organized – but wasting money using a CPA, and not as involved in and informed about the filing process as you should be, letting someone else handle it all.

If you chose mostly D’s, you’re…a mess, but certainly not irredeemable. You just need a little hand-holding to get through the process.

Luckily, no matter which tax personality you are, E-file can make the process faster, easier, and likely cheaper, and help you get your biggest possible refund in the process. We help Type A’s feel more confident by guiding them through their return with simple questions, and allow them to ditch the paperwork once and for all. We offer Type B’s affordable, easy, and quick filing software, to allow them to get in, knock those taxes out, and get that refund ASAP. We help Type C’s save money on tax preparation, providing expert guidance while giving them ownership and a deeper understanding of their tax situation – which can help them structure their finances in other areas, as well.  And finally, we help Type D’s get a grip on their taxes, by walking them step-by-step through the process and making it so easy, they won’t even think about calling mom.

Old-school, modern, organized, or a mess – everyone can benefit from E-file. Start your return today!