What If Dogs Filed Taxes

What If Dogs Filed Taxes

We understand filing taxes may not be much fun, so we thought we’d have a little fun with a somewhat silly post on if dogs had to file a tax return.

Just imagine what it would be like if your furry friend had to do the same. Would Fido remember to wait for the 1099 for that freelance digging work he did last February? Would Rex get all his kibble calculations right? And would Fluffy have the social security numbers for each and every litter of her dependents?

Of course, every dog is different – yours might just be the type who would be an accountant if she were a human…or, he may be the type that can’t find the bone he just buried. So let’s take a look at a few hair-raising…er, fur-raising?…tax stories, featuring man’s best friend.

Annabelle the Pomeranian

Annabelle is the high-strung type, and filing her taxes makes her as nervous as a knock at the door. Yeah, it’s that bad. She puts it off till the last possible moment, and then panics, running around in circles chasing her tail and yipping on April 15, until she collapses for a brief nap. But once she wakes up, she decides it’s time to get down to business. This is no walk in the park – this is cat-chase serious stuff, here.

She digs out all the forms she’ll need, chews on her pen for a while as she gathers her thoughts, and then gets to work filling things out. Her nerves get the better of her again, however, and soon she’s shaking so much her writing is illegible. This sends her into a spiral – suddenly, she blacks out, only to come to her senses 30 minutes later surrounded by the chewed up detritus of a couch, shards of broken glass, and a half-eaten cardboard box. She has no idea what happened.

Annabelle decides enough is enough. She logs on to E-file.com and starts her taxes online. It’s so simple, she actually relaxes enough to think straight, and soon, she’s finished. She clicks one last time to submit her taxes to the IRS, does a little victory dance on the keyboard, and runs off to see what that darn cat has been doing while she was otherwise occupied. Thank goodness for E-file.com, she thinks.

Buster the Great Pyrenees   

Buster is self-employed – he’s been a professional goat herder just about all his life, and he’s the responsible type, who likes to get his taxes done and out of the way early, so he can focus on his goats again. The farmer just got him his 1099, so he’s ready to go. But as he adjusts his glasses and settles in for some focused tax filing time, one of his goats calls. She’s in labor, and there are coyotes around. Sighing, he dutifully lopes outside to keep her safe, and returns a few hours later to continue.

Once again, a goat calls – this time, one has his horns stuck in a fence, and needs some backup till the farmer can cut him loose. Buster starts to worry – when will he get a chance to do his taxes? He’ll need a few hours of dedicated time to focus and get those papers filled out right…

As he returns home from the fence, he decides to try E-file.com – that way, he can log in and out as needed, if any goat-related interruptions pop up, and overall, it’ll take much less time than paper filing. As he finishes up and hits submit, another goat calls – this time, some kids have gotten loose from their yard and are wreaking havoc on the neighbor’s rose garden. Buster congratulates himself on using E-file.com, and heads out to get those crazy kids back to their mamas. It’s all in a day’s work – and now he can get back to doing what he loves worry-free.

If dogs think using E-file.com is a great idea, then who are we to argue? Whether you’re as nervous about taxes as Annabelle, or as dutiful as Buster, our software will make filing your taxes easier and quicker for you.