Checking the Status of a Federal Tax Return

In 2016, the average individual income tax refund was $3050. With this kind of money coming back to tax payers it should be no surprise that they expect a way to check the status of their refund and the IRS has developed the following: (1) online access to refund information at “Where’s My Refund?”; and (2) online access to the status of an amended return at “Where’s My Amended Return?”

IRS statistics claim that ninety percent of taxpayers claiming tax refunds receive those refunds within twenty-one days. Often, taxpayers who e-file their taxes and opt for direct deposit can receive the refund even sooner. This usually provides the fastest way for taxpayers to receive their refund.

How does “Where’s My Refund?” work??

 Where’s My Refund? (or ¿Dónde está mi reembolso?) – is a tool for tracking your refund. In order to use the tool, you must have the following information: your Social Security Number, your Filing Status and the refund amount as shown on your tax return.

Social Security Number

You must enter the SSN or IRS Individual Taxpayer Identification Number shown on your tax return.

Filing Status

You must select a Filing Status including: Single, Married-Filing Joint Return, Married-Filing Separate Return, Head of Household or Qualifying Widow(er)

Refund Amount

You must enter the exact whole dollar refund amount shown on your tax return. Providing the exact whole dollar amount is essential to receiving the correct response from the IRS.

A Taxpayer can start checking their refund status within 24-48 hours after filing a tax return electronically. If you filed a paper return the process will be a bit longer. You cannot check until four weeks have passed if you mail a paper return.

Once the IRS “Where’s My Refund?” tool begins to process your request, you will not see a refund date until the IRS finishes processing your entire tax return and decides it is an approved return. When the IRS confirms that your refund is approved you will receive a personal refund date, most likely within 21 days of you filing the return, if you have indicated a direct deposit of the refund.

To check on the status of your refund visit –