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Kansas has income tax rates ranging between 2.7% and 4.8%, which are lower than the nation's average. The state's annual tax revenue is close to the median range at more than $7 billion. Both residents and nonresidents who do not live in the state but earn income from the state must file Kansas tax returns. Anyone who lives in the state for less than 12 months may file as a resident or a nonresident.

How To File Kansas Tax Extensions And Amended Returns

Since Kansas has automatic extension provisions for people who file federal extensions, a copy of the federal extension must be submitted with the return by October 15. An extension of time to file is not an extension of time to pay.

A taxpayer who discovers an error on a previously filed Kansas taxes should submit an amended return. Changing filing status is not permitted for amended returns. Use Form K-40, and put an "X" in the box for amended filing. Use Form K-40V also if there is a payment required. After completing the forms, mail them to:
Kansas Department of Revenue
915 SW Harrison Street
Topeka, KS 66612-1588

Tracking Kansas Tax Refunds

To track the status of a tax refund online, visit Amended returns take longer to process. To track the status of an amended return or for general tax questions, call 785-368-8222.

Estimated Payments And Late Filing

Residents who must make estimated tax payments should use Form K-40ES to calculate the amount to pay each quarter. Mail the vouchers with their required payments by the due dates indicated to the DOR address listed above.

A penalty fee and interest charges apply to taxpayers who do not pay at least 90% of what they owe by April 15. Payment agreements must be set up ahead of time if necessary. For any balance due remaining after April 15, taxpayers are charged a penalty fee of 1% of the tax due with a total allowable charge of 24%. Interest is also charged at a rate of 4% of the total amount due for each month it remains unpaid.

Note: States & U.S. territories may make changes to their tax laws with little notice. We do our best to keep this information up-to-date, but it is provided on an "AS IS" basis. For more see our terms.

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