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Virginia’s state income tax rate fluctuates between 2% and 5% based on personal income. This is lower than the national average. The state's annual tax revenue is over $18 billion, which is slightly higher than the national average.

Nonresidents, partial-year residents and permanent residents of Virginia must file VA tax returns every year if they earn income in the state. This also applies to students and dependents who earn income in the state. Residents must file Form 760, partial-year residents must file Form 760PY and nonresidents must file form 763.

If you’re filing Virginia taxes, your tax returns are due by May 1. They must be mailed or e-filed by this date to avoid penalties and fees. Extended returns are due by November 1. Taxpayers who file a federal extension automatically receive an extension in Virginia there is no state extension form to file.

All income taxes are due and must be paid by May 1 to avoid penalties. Payments can be sent with the Form 760IP (payment coupon) to:
Department of Taxation
PO Box 760
Richmond, VA 23218-0760

It Is Important To Pay Your Bill by May 1st

Taxpayers who file their returns late are subject to a penalty of 3% of the tax they owe per month. The maximum total fee per year is 30% of the tax owed. For taxpayers who file late but do not pay what they owe, a fee of 6% of the amount due is assessed per month with a maximum charge of 30%.

Where's My Virginia Tax Refund?

To track a refund online you may visit To check the status of a Virginia refund by phone you can dial 804-367-2486.

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