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The state taxes salaries or wages at 3.75% for the first $59,000 that a person earns, 4.75% for income ranging from $59,000 to $135,000, and 5.99% for income ranging from $135,001 and above. Both residents and people who live and work in the state part-time must pay RI income taxes.

To request an extension, taxpayers should fill out and send in form RI-4868 or RI-8736. Payment of taxes is still due by April 15, however. The tax extension grants people up to six months' time to file their returns.

Taxpayers can also amend their returns as needed. The most common reasons for amending returns includes claiming exemptions to which people were not entitled, or failing to claim exemptions to which they were entitled. Likewise, people who are audited by the IRS and receive outcomes that change their state income taxes also should amend their returns. To file an amended RI tax return, both residents and non-residents alike should use state form 1040X. The forms can be found and printed from the Department of Revenue's website and mailed to:
State of Rhode Island
Division of Taxation
One Capitol Hill
Providence, RI 0290-5800

Expecting a RI Tax Refund?

People who expect a RI tax refund can check its status at They must know information like their filing status, expected return amount, and Social Security number. The online tool is available 24 hours a day and can give an approximate date of when people's refunds should be mailed to them or direct deposited to their bank accounts.

Installments and Estimated Payments

Failure to pay taxes on time will result in a penalty of 18% per year. People who cannot pay their Rhode Island taxes by April 15 can apply for a payment plan through the state by visiting the Department of Revenue's website. They can download and print the state's Division of Taxation Installment Agreement form. Once the form is accepted by the state, they will be set up on a monthly payment plan.

If a taxpayer's estimated Rhode Island personal income tax can be reasonably expected to be $250 or more in excess of any credits allowable against his or her tax, coupons are available from the RI website. These are to pay estimated taxes on a quarterly basis. This is particularly helpful for years in which you might expect a change in income or become self-employed.

Note: States & U.S. territories may make changes to their tax laws with little notice. We do our best to keep this information up-to-date, but it is provided on an "AS IS" basis. For more see our terms.

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