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In New Mexico, individuals are required to file a state tax return if they have filed a federal tax return. If a person has lived in the state for at least 185 consecutive days, he or she is considered a resident.

In the last several years, around $1.5 billion in individual New Mexico taxes was collected on an annual basis. This puts the state in the bottom 10% of tax revenue when compared to other states.

Taxation rates in the state vary based on income and filing status. According to the New Mexico Taxation and Revenue Department, there are seven taxation brackets, and the highest rate is 4.9%. The lowest taxation rate on the graduated scale is 1.7%.

Nonresidents must file a tax return using Form PIT-1 if they receive income from any source within the state and are required to file a federal return or if the taxpayer is an active member of the military.

File New Mexico Taxes Quickly

In general, using the state's online tax filing system is the quickest way to receive any refunds to which a taxpayer is entitled. Called the Taxpayer Access Point, online filing gives residents the option to check the status of their return as well as file an amended return.

If an individual would like to request a tax extension for any reason, he or she must fill out Form RPD-41096, Extension of Time to File. If an extension has already been granted at the federal level, however, the form is not required.

New Mexico taxpayers can access the Taxpayer Access Point or TAP from the Tax and Revenue Department website by clicking on the Online Services tab on the left-hand side of the Individuals page. From there, individuals can create an account and then file a return, track the status of a refund, submit documents and more.

The deadline to file an amended tax return online occurs in mid-October. If a paper return is filed, it should be sent to the Tax and Revenue Department before April 15 at the following address:

P.O. Box 25122 
Santa Fe, NM 87504-5122

If an individual is required to pay additional taxes that were not deducted from employment wages, it should be mailed to:

P.O. Box 8390

Santa Fe, NM 87504-8390

Estimated personal income tax payments should also be mailed to the above address on a quarterly basis.

New Mexico Tax Refunds

Electronically filed returns claiming a refund may be followed on the web site, by submitting a Social Security Number and some additional information. Paper returns or applications for tax refunds are processed within 8-12 weeks.

Residents who do not pay New Mexico taxes on their wages may be considered delinquent. The first step the state will take upon noting a delinquency is to request the payment in full immediately. If payment is not received, a lien is automatically in place, which may lead to seizure of personal property.

Note: States & U.S. territories may make changes to their tax laws with little notice. We do our best to keep this information up-to-date, but it is provided on an "AS IS" basis. For more see our terms.

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